Q What is the general purpose of the GEN Pre-Launch?
A There are numerous reasons for starting the GEN Pre-Launch now:
a) First it enables 360 GEN Managers and individuals to jump start their GEN home-based businesses.
b) GEN is a primary membership entity within a large environmental, health and green tech platform.
c) The platform will ignite a green revolution by uniting individuals toward creating social and environmental change.
d) GEN is part of a gateway with employment agencies that match green minded individuals to career opportunities.
e) Key management positions in HR, PR, Education, Marketing, Financial, Legal, Entertainment and Business to name a few.
f) Platform Financial opportunities including Crypto Currency, block chain businesses, green funds and exchange services.
g) The launch of Environmental Party is expected to generate waves of Social activities.

Q Why is GEN initiating its Pre-Launch now?
A Timing is everything and it takes months to ramp up new businesses and major projects. By design, the platform creates a domino effect and the launch of key businesses will start this.

Q What is the most significant platform priority and how will your team achieve it?
A Great question. We are assembling a dedicated business management team for each campaign, project and entity. GEN should be considered the admission ticket or first step for those who want to create social and environmental change.

Q What is the management structure like and how are decisions made?
A Another great question. The entities within the platform are using a Team Structure. One or more teams are established for every entity and project. Most day to day decisions are made by each team. Further, each team has final input on selecting new team members. Committees are established for all major areas and generally they include both team members and managers. This insures that contributing parties have input on their journey toward success.

Q Why is GEN not revealing its primary products during the pre-launch?
A For the same reason the platform is not revealing many of its key projects. The reality is that greed driven individuals are waiting to mimic businesses. These individuals and businesses will pretend to be green and revealing details in advance to them would only serve to cloud the waters of change that GEN and the platform will bring. With over 250,000 hours invested into the strategic development of this platform, the Management Committee elected to keep strategies confidential until it makes sense to reveal them.

Q How is GEN and the platform managing security?
A Here is the simplified answer we can share. Strong Agreements, an even stronger vested legal team along with a complex set of Clearance Levels in part creates what in totality is a bullet proof security blanket. Collectively the TEC Member organizations and entities have a zero tolerance for individuals or groups that break their contractual Agreement(s) which includes creating any unnecessary turmoil.

Q Why would talented individuals be attracted to the platform?
A The platform offers a unique variety of career and business opportunities. These careers along with unique compensation programs are modeled specifically for performance-oriented individuals. Unlike most ‘jobs’ these careers offer true upward mobility, profit sharing, personal bonuses and other benefits. These performance-based careers are designed to financially blow typical ‘jobs’ out of the water within the first few years.

Q When will GEN initiate its full launch?
A As soon as GEN’s self-replicating web site program is fully implemented, at which point member sites will be generated and the official launch date will be set.

Q Are there any other benefits to the Pre-Launch that are not published?
A Yes, several. The biggest advantage is getting a head start. Here’s why. 1) From the Official Full Launch many will initially start with a Level 1 or Level 2 GEN Membership. Then within 3 to 6 months elevate to an Earth Warrior (Level 3) GEN Membership. Commissions and earnings go up with each membership level. So starting from a (Level 3) Earth Warrior Membership gives an active member a financial advantage. 2) Again, for active (adding 1 to 3 members per month) GEN Members will realize Eighty Percent (80%) of their revenue from the Support Membership (2nd) position. In most cases GEN compensates two GEN Members. So the quicker an individual gets started the sooner they will begin to realize larger commission amounts. 3) When the Official GEN Launch kicks off, GEN Self Replicated Member pages will enhance new member signup. 4) As new and exciting products are introduced, networks and educational programs are added along with the GEN Eco-Points Award Program, an air of excitement will build, and finally. 5) When the Management Committee selects the 4 or 5-star hotel at a tropical destination for the GEN Annual Conference, top GEN members will realize they can win this trip!

Note: Those who would like to really get on the fast track toward winning the GEN Annual Conference will want to consider a Group Team Manager position by purchasing and obtaining a Group Rate for 18 or 54 GEN Memberships.

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