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HR Managers within the Greeny Match organizations play a vital role since they service numerous entities. In addition to filling positions for GEN these HR Manager also fill positions for the Environmental Education Center (EEC). This includes specialty training classes like the Green Pathways Training which happens to include GEN Memberships. All entities are members of The Environmental Community (TEC) is not your typical employment agency. Greeny Match is designed for individuals that can earn above 75K per year. Greeny Match services extend from Career Development all the way to Enhanced Lifestyle Development. We feel the focus should be on an individual’s quality of life supported by a solid career path plan. is designed specifically for volunteers and interns along with green or like-minded nonprofits. A wide variety of opportunities and experience is available to applicants and these positions can lead to paid positions. Greeny and Greeny work in a seamless manner to assist and advance performance-oriented individuals. is a social network that gives green minded HR professionals and Employment Agencies an advantage. Greeny Match provides a simple green solution designed to increase placements while enhancing profitability. has two advanced training programs designed for teachers, educators, professional presenters and support staff. Individuals within the U.S. that can deliver a quality training class or assist other trainers should apply. These positions include:

a) Train-The-Trainer (TTT) – This is an advanced full-time training position ideal for a professional trainer. The program is designed to first teach a specific green training course to Green Pathway Trainers (GPT) applicants. Then the Train-The-Trainer team will work with all GPT enrolled candidates in that class working to help them graduate to become a Green Pathways Trainer. TTT’s will also identify top trainers to help fill additional TTT or other management positions. (Top tier position – 1st year earning potential of 150K)

b) Green Pathways Trainer (GPT) – This training position is available for full time or part-time trainers and support staff. Once a GPT graduates the week-long training class (either live or virtual) they will then qualify to give the Green Pathways Course. Green Pathway classes consist of 50 to 300 participants and take three hours to present. GPT’s and GPA’s are required to be on sight for five hours.

c) Green Pathway Associate (GPA, Support Staff) – Assists the Green Pathways Trainer with setup, passing out material, answering questions for course participants and break down.

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