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Global Environmental Network (GEN)
Pre-Launch Introduction

This is a green business opportunity like no other. If you would like help create change then you should sign-up as a GEN Business Owner now!

If you have additional funds to invest into your GEN business, then there are a limited number of Group Sales Manager (GSM) positions available. To be considered one needs the ability to either purchase Eighteen (18) or Fifty Four (54) Earth Warrior (Level 3) Memberships. Group Sales details are outlined in sections below.

This is a Pre-Launch and if you recognize a truly unique opportunity when you see one then we’ll welcome you on board. If on the other hand you need to be “sold” on joining a business which is part of a large platform that’s committed to creating environmental, health and social change then please wait for the Official GEN Launch. This is a green home based (non MLM) business opportunity.

Everything we do is outside the box so here is what you need to know:
1) GEN is part of a large environmental, health and green tech platform.
2) GEN is the primary membership site within the platform.
3) If you want to support change then this is the group, you’ll want to be a member of.
4) Our compensation schedules are extremely generous.
5) The Earth Warrior (Level 3) Memberships are designed specifically for business oriented individuals.
6) There are over 220 websites within this environmental, health and green tech platform.
7) All entities within the platform are members of The Environmental Community (TEC).
8) All but one of the TEC for profit members donate Ten Percent (10%) to Race To Save Earth.
9) By the launch of the platform there will be 40+ nonprofits within the platform.

GEN along with this platform will usher in change. If you would like to be a part of it or add something substantial to your legacy then contact us and we’ll get started.

Pre-Launch Q & A

Q What is the general purpose of the GEN pre-launch?
A There are numerous reasons for starting the GEN pre-launch now:
a) First it enables 360 managers and individuals to jump start their GEN home-based businesses.
b) GEN is a primary membership entity within a large environmental, health and green tech platform.
c) The platform will ignite a green revolution by uniting individuals and creating social and environmental change.
d) GEN is part of a gateway with agencies that match green minded individuals to a wide variety of career opportunities.
e) Key management positions in HR, PR, Education, Marketing, Financial, Legal, Entertainment and Business to name a few.
f) Financial opportunities including Crypto Currency, block chain businesses, green funds and exchange services.
g) We will launch Environmental Party which will generate waves of activities along with environmental and social change.

Q Why is GEN initiating its pre-launch now?
A Timing is everything and it takes months to ramp up new businesses and major projects. By design the platform creates a domino effect and launching key businesses will start this domino effect.

Q What is the most significant platform priority and how will your team achieve it?
A Great question. We are assembling a dedicated business management team for each campaign, project and entity. GEN should be considered the admission ticket or first step for those who want to create social and environmental change.

Q What is the management structure like and how are decisions made?
A Another great question. The entities within the platform are using a Team Structure. One or more teams are established for every entity and project. Most day to day decisions are made by each the entire team and team managers. Further each team has final input on selecting new team members. Committees are established for all major areas and they include team members and managers. This insures all contributing parties have input on the journey toward success.

Q Why is GEN not revealing its primary products during the pre-launch?
A For the same reason the platform is not revealing many of its key projects. The reality is that greed driven individuals are waiting to mimic businesses. These individuals and businesses pretend to be green and revealing details in advance to them would only serve to cloud the waters of change that GEN and the platform will bring. Our group has over 250,000 hours invested into the strategic development of this platform. As a result, the Management Committee has chosen to keep strategies confidential until the Official Launch or when it makes sense to reveal certain details.

Q Why would talented individual be attracted to the platform?
A The platform offers a unique variety of career and business opportunities. These careers along with our unique compensation programs are modeled specifically for performance oriented individuals. Unlike most ‘jobs’ these careers offer true upward mobility, profit sharing, personal bonuses and other benefits that will be covered later. These performance based careers will blow compensation for ‘jobs’ out of the water within the first few years.

Q When will GEN initiate its full launch?
A As soon as an ideal self-replicating web site program is acquired and programmed into the GEN site, at which point member sites will be generated and the official launch date will be set.

Q Are there any other benefits to the pre-launch that are not published?
A Yes, several dealing with networks, educational programs, unique products and options for GEN members to name a few. In addition, the Management Committee is hoping to select a 4 or 5-star hotel for the first annual conference with a preference of a tropical destination for members that qualify.

GEN is a member of The Environmental Community along with numerous other for profit and nonprofit entities. Collectively they are various components a large environmental, health and green tech platform.

1) The GEN Pre-Launch will lead to the official launch of Global Environmental Network (GEN).
2) All parties should review the Comparison Chart page located under Back Office tab.
3) The limited number of Group Rates starting at 18 or 54 Earth Warrior memberships is available upon request. Group or Green Funding rates are being issued to advance this Pre-Launch as well as the Official Launch.
4) The Earth Warrior (Level 3) Primary Member receive a 27% commission on GEN Memberships. The Primary Member normally is also credited with another 6% in Eco-Points. HOWEVER, during the Pre-Launch Eco-Points are waived so they won’t accumulate or be awarded. We expect Eco-Points to begin to accumulate from the official GEN Launch date.
5) In addition, Support Member commissions on memberships are also waved during the Pre-Launch.
6) Pre-Launch GEN Members will receive free months until their self-replicated website pages are published.
7) There are NO REFUNDS on memberships since it is considered the cost of starting a home-based business.
8) GEN reserves the right to modify or eliminate components like Group Rates without advance notification.
9) GEN Members will work in an honest and professional manner failure to do so may result in cancelation of membership.
10) GEN is comprehensive membership where you can help others while building your own business.

Rules, Guideline and General Disclosures
Group Sales Only

1) Each Group Sales Manager (GSM) will be reviewed and approved by the Management Committee.
2) Group Managers will collect GEN Membership funds directly to fill the GEN Pre-Launch Memberships they purchased.
3) A triple confirmation between (Group Manager(s), GEN Management and each new GEN Member) occurs as each member signs-up regardless of payment arrangement.
4) Group Sales pricing is significantly reduced so commissions can be instantly paid as each membership is filled.
5) Each GSM is the Primary Sponsor for each member that they sign-up.
6) Support Sponsor (2nd) commissions are waved on all Pre-Launch Memberships.
7) GEN Members are Independent Business Owners and as such are required to pay their own taxes on earnings.
8) All memberships will be double verified following GEN’s instructions.
9) The initial suggested Pre-Launch sales membership price is $360. On or after April 15, 1018 membership price can be increased to $450. GSM’s along with GEN Management will collectively review and modify Pre-Launch suggested membership pricing.
10) GEN Members will never misrepresent.
11) Membership oversight policies including revocation will be made by a Membership Committee consisting of GEN Members and GEN Management.
12) Then a GEN Review Committee again consisting of GEN Members and GEN Management will have absolute authority over the disposition of GEN memberships. GEN is all about honesty, integrity, team effort and helping other members.
13) Group Memberships can be held and assigned up to December 31, 2018.
14) GEN reserves the right to re-purchase remaining memberships at their original cost on or after December 31, 2018.
15) All group memberships sales are final.

Group Memberships

Note: Group Memberships are NOT just for Groups. Individuals can purchase a Group Membership and then sell the memberships.

Two Group Memberships

A) Our small Group Membership starts at 18 pre-paid discounted Earth Warrior (Level 3) GEN Memberships
B) The large Group Membership starts at 54 pre-paid discounted Earth Warrior (Level 3) GEN Memberships


A) $4,860 for Eighteen (18) pre-paid Earth Warrior GEN Memberships at ($270 ea.)
Additional Group Memberships must be approved in advance
This provides a 50% discount off an Earth Warrior membership paid annually
Placing these memberships at $360 provides a 25% profit and creates new green business members
B) Fifty four (54) pre-paid Earth Warrior GEN Membership is $12,420 ($230 ea.)
Additional Group Memberships can be added in groups of 18 for $4,140 ($230 ea.) while available
Placing GEN Earth Warrior Memberships at $360 creates a 36% profit while building a GEN business


➢ Quickly build an Earth Warrior (Level 3) GEN Membership with Pre-Launch pricing
➢ Members that sign-up up at $360 are receiving over a 36% savings on their Earth Warrior Membership
➢ Approved Group Managers are authorized to collect their groups first year membership fees
➢ Those membership fees replenish your Groups Membership fee plus you instantly collect your commission
➢ All Pre-Launch one-year memberships receive extra FREE months since the year doesn’t begin until the official GEN Launch

To become knowledgeable on GEN Memberships:

Watch a PowerPoint slide or Adobe Presentation including the annual GEN Conference:

(click on one of the red links when the page opens and click on each page to advance the presentation)

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