LAUNCHING THE GREEN MOVEMENT OF OUR LIFE TIMES – A decade ago our group began building a platform specifically designed to create environmental change.

Today we are launching critical components of our game changing green platform which include: Power To Save The World, Eco Job Corps, My Natural Pool, The Environmental Community and 
Global Environmental Network.

This is your opportunity to become one of only 360 Earth Warrior (Ultra GEN Level 3) Members. This fully managed GEN Level 3 annual membership is only $360 and it has a projected 3 year commission that exceeds $9,000.

These Ultra Memberships include a one-time bonus of 27 one month Level 1 Memberships. With unique eco and health oriented products and these are for the first time a professional call center will ultimately manage these memberships.

ECO FACTS – To save Earth and humanity we must aggressively reduce global CO2S over the next ten years. Unfortunately governments are doing too little too late.

LOWER CO2S BY 9% – Our first project will lower Global CO2S that come fossil fuel by over 9 Percent in less than five years. This and much more is critical since CO2S are driving both global warming and ocean acidification. Stopping or reversing ocean acidification is critical if we are to save our oceans.

OCEANS DIE HUMANITY DIES – Our living oceans absorb a critical amount of the CO2S that man produces. If that absorption is reduced then temperatures on Earth will start rising and humanity will cease to exist as we know it today.

UNIQUE AND COMPREHENSIVE PLATFORM – Our group has designed a platform where individuals can build a green business along with a career. The unique setup can complement an existing business or career and is built to be recession proof.

Call (855) 766-5229 to request your “Ultra 360” Membership TODAY!


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